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Greenlee is Growing


A beautiful, poetic rhyming picture book celebrating the four seasons and how they interact with the seasons of our lives.

We first meet Greenlee as a young girl of three, in the flowering springtime of life. 'Greenlee Is Growing' follows her through the spring of her youth and the summer of her adulthood. By the end of the book, she is a lovely old woman knitting by the fire in the cold days of winter. Please click on the image above to see larger views!

I love my mummy

I Love my Mummy - (UK)

Paperback version (also available as a padded board book). Written by Stephanie Dragone. Click on the image to see more illustrations from the book.


Playing at the Park

A story of children playing at a park who teach the little aliens who come along to play on the rides correctly. Click on the image to see more.

Dream Big

Dream Big!

My latest picture book featuring inspirational animals who embrace the power of positivity by keeping big dreams in their hearts and minds. Written by Bodhi Hunter. Click on the image to see more from the book!


The Little Mermaid

This picture book is a simple re-telling of this classic story by Hans Christian Andersen for children aged 3+. Also available as a box set collection. Click the image to see more!


I Love my Mommy - (US)

3D come-to-life book.

Join the animals in this heartwarming story about the many special reasons that children love their mommies. Read the books with children and then, using the Hippo Magic® App, watch as the characters in the book come to life! Written by Stephanie Dragone.

Click on the image to see more from the book and to watch a video of I Love my Mommy being read aloud!


Coco Princess

The story of a little princess who would only choose the largest of all! Click on the image to see more.

Please click on a book to view a gallery of more illustrations from my picture books.

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