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Louise Alexandra Ellis

I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. It was the colours and patterns in my grandma's feather duster that first inspired me to become an artist at the age of nine. One sparse feather duster later, those newly collected feathers soon made their way into an illustrated book of birds with the feathers as their wings and tails.

I continued to write and draw little stories of my own, many of them read aloud to my brother, drawing inspiration from my favourite children's books at the time 'Where The Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle, and many beautifully illustrated fairy tales.

Since graduating from The University of Lincolnshire and Humberside in 1999 with a BA Hons in Illustration, I have illustrated for many clients in children's publishing, editorial, advertising and greetings cards. I work traditionally using acrylics, watercolour, gouache, and collage to create my highly detailed, imaginative and playful illustrations. 

I was highly commended in The Macmillan Prize for Children's Picture Book Illustration and gained a Certificate of Achievement from HRH The Prince of Wales in 'The Young Artists' Britain' Award.

Children's books old and new will always be my passion. My sketchbook goes with me everywhere and I can always be found with my head in the clouds filling sketchbooks with weird and wonderful imaginings. So much of my inspiration comes from the beauty and the magic of the natural world, whether on land, in the air or under the ocean. I love to be outside recording information with my camera or pencil.

I like to think that my illustrations and stories are something which children can relate to and enjoy. Working as an illustrator is something which I love and value as very rewarding. 

My little cat 'Penny' is always by my side, keeping nearby as I work from my little studio. (Every artist needs a studio assistant!).

I also love the sea, tiny cottages, cats, fairy folk, old buildings, vintage curios and books, and embroidering with Penny by my side and a nice cup of chai tea. 

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